lunedì 18 luglio 2011


After a long series of singles released in the past few years, several performed live with artists in the Reggae scene, Italian and some of his latest collaborations made in Jamaica, aka Mr.Defendjah Jr.Major presents his debut album "Outta Road ". Everything comes from the idea to enclose most of his new singles with new tracks in one CD, all composed of sounds as Digiplay productions, One Beat, Filomusik, and The Cube Records. The entire work, then, was edited and mixed entirely by DJ Diablo, with the help of one of the most popular sound at the moment "Kalibandulu". The idea is to suggest to the public, Sleng and joints in English, a musical genre combining unique styles ranging from reggae / roots to bashment, raggamuffin in other until you reach what is now known as New Dancehall. Additionally, entries that are already known, like those of Sistah Kinky Maddawg and come together in two new songs with rhymes ready to melt and flow across the yard and not just Italy.


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