lunedì 18 luglio 2011


A rich and a cool summer labeled... "Keep the mash-up"!
That's how the first work of the High Level Sound from Puglia (Italy), produced by djDiablo and Mr.Defendjah represents, along with "Outta Road", first album of the singer, one of the last jobs favorites from the Sound.
After a long journey towards accumunate both the passion of reggae music, the DJ brings with it mixcd, to develop, thanks to his passion for composing music of all genres in various remixes, a proprietary blend of the hits that climbed the charts in the latter period of the dancehall scene and beyond. Certainly there are some collaborations as Ward21, Prince Zymbo, Onton, Maddawg and many others push with their lyrics and a fresh style, the whole expression of the project.

Now don't rest to download it!

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